hours of the day

“Maman” de Louise Bourgeois. Recordando a Louise Bourgeois. Fotomontaje. Luna. 2010.

Como todos los días, paso a la misma hora por delante de la gigantesca araña “Maman”, una de las esculturas más conocidas de la recientemente fallecida artista franco-estadounidense Louise Bourgeois. Ahora más que nunca me inspiran sus obras y sus palabras.

“Cuenta tu propia historia y serás interesante”, escribió. “No te contagies del mal verde de la envidia. No te dejes engañar por el éxito y el dinero. No dejes que nada se interponga entre tu arte y tú”.

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Maman (1999), exhibited outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) was also an artist in the traditional sense of the word , a sculptor reinventing and acknowledging tradition.

“I want to create my own architecture so that the relationships of my forms and objects are fixed. Sometimes I need the large scale so that the person can literally move in relationship to the form. The difference between the real space and the psychological space interests me and I want to explore both. For example, the spiders, which are portraits of my mother, are large because she was a monument to me. I want to walk around and be underneath her and feel her protection”. L.B.